Law commission

The Law Commission had called for a rethink or repeal of the Sedition Act in 2018

In the consultation paper, the government’s top law advisory committee argued that any irresponsible exercise of the right to free speech and expression cannot be called seditious. Amid calls to scrap the colonial-era Sedition Act, it emerged the Law Commission had called for an overhaul or repeal in 2018, saying any irresponsible exercise of the […]

Law tax

DeSantis signs into law ‘holiday’ tax for gas, schools, hurricanes, – Orlando Sentinel

TALLAHASSEE — A sales tax “holiday” on things like school clothing, hurricane supplies and tools and a state gasoline tax suspension in October topped a package signed Friday by Governor Ron DeSantis. The measure (HB 7071), passed by the Legislature in March, will reduce state and local revenue by $804.3 million in the coming fiscal […]

Law commission

The Scottish Law Commission seeks views on future work

The Scottish Law Commission has launched a public consultation on future law reform work. The committee is seeking advice on areas of Scottish law most in need of reform. Reform may be necessary because the law causes difficulties in practice, for example when the law is unfair, unclear, too complex or outdated. The commission’s mandate […]

Law ministry

The Ministry of Justice establishes a plan for the discharge of the wait before the courts

In order to reduce the number of cases pending before the courts, the Ministry of Law and Justice has proposed certain measures, such as the implementation of a rule of three adjournments in all cases. According to the plan, the 30-year-old business is expected to be completed by 2025, while the 20-30-year-old business is expected […]