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An internship at the Ministry of Law will provide law graduates with an understanding of the government’s perspective on litigation

The Ministry of Law and Justice has announced internships to help newcomers give legal advice in constitutional-administrative, financial, infrastructural, labor, transfer of property and arbitration/contract law. The Department of Justice’s Department of Legal Affairs (DoLA) is hosting the internship and is currently accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis. The interns will serve in the […]

Law commission

Corporate criminal liability: Reform proposals from the UK Law Commission

The Law Commission has released its long-awaited proposals to reform corporate criminal liability in the UK (“Paper Options“). While anti-corruption campaigners, including MPs, have criticized him for not going far enough, the reforms envisaged in the options paper represent a significant strengthening of the existing law on corporate criminal liability and should lead companies to […]

Law commission

Law Commission’s anti-money laundering approach could spark conflict with Europe

He added: “This argument is not without merit, since the MLR2017 regime is clearly broader than the model for attributing companies from ‘prevention failure’. Under MLR2017, for example, the prosecution would not need to establish the predicate offense of money laundering, but would simply need to point out deficiencies in the company’s AML procedures […]

Law commission

Corporate Criminal Liability – The UK Law Commission’s 10 Options

On June 10, 2022, the UK Law Commission (LC) published a set of proposals or options for corporate criminal liability law in the UK. The LC is an independent commission set up by Parliament, and its main function is to keep UK legislation under review and to recommend reform. The options paper does not make […]

Law commission

UK Law Commission proposes 10 reforms for corporate accountability

Related practices and jurisdictions The UK Law Commission has published its proposals (the Option Paper) to overhaul criminal law as it applies to businesses in the UK. The Law Commission is an independent commission set up by Parliament to monitor UK law and recommend reform. The options paper outlines 10 possible ways to strengthen corporate […]

Law commission

Corporate Criminal Liability: The Law Commission’s Ten Options for Reform

The 10e In June, the Law Commission launched its options paper which outlines a number of ways in which corporate criminal liability law could be reformed. The detailed document, accompanied by a 14-page summary document, outlines potential options for reform in this area and rules out other possibilities as unsustainable. In 2017, the Department of […]