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5 things to keep in mind when hiring a car accident lawyer

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The average number of car accidents in Houston is 188 per day. This is pretty awful as there are several issues when dealing with car crashes in Houston.

In this article, I compile all the key aspects to keep in mind when finding a Houston auto accident lawyer..


First of all, encountering a car accident is a terrible experience. It can leave you in excruciating pain and in fits of confusion.

The only positive and main step for you in this scenario is to hire a lawyer. This initiative helps you to sort things out and get you out of these terrible situations.

A lawyer is a shield for debt collectors

First, recovering from an accident should be your primary focus, rather than the fear of paying your hospital bills. It is a difficult phase for you to make your medical payments.

In addition, the payment of your medical expenses will be taken care of by the collection services. These agencies are more interested in collecting your bills in several ways. So, in these case scenarios, the lawyer is your best offer because he is aware of the Debt Collection Act.

A lawyer legally guides you as a shield against these agencies by providing them with the status of the case.

Investigation at the origin of this event

The first initiative for a victim is to inform the lawyer of the accident. Eventually, it can sort things out accordingly by gathering your medical dues, reports, and statements. They also compile witness statements and public opinions about the crash, find leads for the crash and make a full report of the case.

Above all, these are more important before claiming car insurance.

Insurance request

First, the team of lawyers will be responsible for speaking on your behalf. The lawyer’s job is to act as a bridge between you and the insurance companies and the other driver’s insurance representative. This way, the lawyer can move the case forward faster in your favor, in your best interest.

Payment of medical expenses

Additionally, to claim that your case is specifically needed to claim insurance, you must prescribe your settlement amount. A report is submitted to the court with the necessary items like salary, expenses for the damaged property, medical bills and future assistance for your needs.

Thus, in your case after further verification, you will be settled with the amount prescribed accordingly.

Negotiation for settlement

Most insurance companies are business savvy. Therefore, they tend to make less profit in their business if they pay you the actual amount. Having a lawyer will negotiate the best deal, otherwise the case will be judged.

Above all, an experienced auto accident lawyer should be your best offer to get a fair amount during your recovery process.

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