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BolaWrap: Local Law Enforcement Consider Using A Safer Device For People In Crisis


INDIAN SHORES, Fla. (WFLA) – The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is considering using a new, non-lethal tool to help them defuse dangerous situations.

The tool, BolaWrap, is being tested at the Indian Shores Police Department.

“You come to the scene where someone appears to be delusional, where they appear to be having a mental health crisis – that’s where I think the BolaWrap would come in. Officers can take a subject into custody and do that. assess, ”said Indian Shores Police Lt. Jeff Phillips.

The device is designed to achieve compliance with a subject without inflicting pain.

Phillips said he had a few anchors at the end and would repel about 8 feet of Kevlar rope.

“When it hits an object, in the case of the BolaWrap, around the legs or arms, the anchors then wrap around the person and temporarily restrict their movement,” said Phillips.

He said there are a number of factors officers should consider before deploying the BolaWrap.

“You don’t want to deploy it on an obviously elderly person, a pregnant person, people in high positions because there is a risk of falling, in the water – there are a lot of considerations,” he said. -he declares.

According to Phillips, the unit price is $ 950 and each cartridge costs $ 30.

Phillips said the agency was in the testing phase. No agent has deployed the device.

“He has a goal, he has a place that we are waiting to see how well it works,” he said.

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