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Court requests Justice Department report on approval of liability rules – Journal

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Tuesday requested a report from the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice on the approval of the draft national liability rules.

When a two-judge bench led by Judge Mohammad Iqbal Kalhoro filed a motion requesting the formation of rules under the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO), 1999 for hearing, a prosecutor from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) filed a declaration accompanied by certain documents. .

It was said in the statement that in January the NAB headquarters wrote a letter to the Secretary of Law and Justice along with an amended draft regulation.

Counsel for the NAB further argued that the Legal Division had made certain observations and that these had been amended accordingly and that an amended draft of the National Liability Rules had been sent to the Legal Division taking into account the wisdom of Section 34 of the NAB Act for approval through the Presidency. However, the NAB argued that the draft NAB rules were still under review in the Department of Law and Justice.

SHC Also Publishes Advocacy Opinions Against Transfer Of Uzair Baloch To Mitha Ram Hostel

The petitioner pointed out that the NAB filed an almost similar statement in a previous hearing.

The bench asked a federal lawyer and the NAB prosecutor when these rules would be notified and also requested a response from the Department of Law and Justice.

The bench adjourned the hearing until September 29 after a Deputy Attorney General requested a deadline to submit a relevant report by the Justice Department indicating what progress had been made on the NAB letter and whether the draft rules had been submitted or not to the President for approval.

A lawyer had proposed the CHS last year arguing that the NAB ordinance was enacted in 1999 and despite the passage of more than 20 years, its rules, as required by section 34 to achieve the objectives of the ordinance, had not been developed.

The petitioner added that neither the NAB had drawn up the rules nor had it been notified in the official journal of public information.

Uzair’s mother’s plea

Another bench in the CHS division on Tuesday issued notices to provincial and federal authorities on a plea against the transfer of the head of the banned Amn Peoples Committee, Uzair Baloch, from prison to a Ranger facility.

Uzair’s mother had moved the CHS to challenge a June 9, 2020 notification regarding the transfer of suspected gangster Lyari from Karachi Central Prison to the Ranger-controlled Mitha Ram Hostel by declaring it a sub-prison.

The judiciary headed by Judge KK Agha issued opinions to the respondents, the Sindh Attorney General, the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General.

The rangers had claimed to have recovered the leader of the PAC, who is facing several cases, including the murder of his great rival Arshad Pappu, and handed him over to the police following his mysterious arrest in January 2016.

He has already been acquitted in several criminal cases filed against him since a military court sentenced him to 12 years in prison for his involvement in espionage and his work for foreign intelligence agencies.

Posted in Dawn, le 15 September 2021