Law commission

Egypt becomes member of the International Law Commission 2023 – 2027

Ahmed Fathallah (Egypt) was elected member of the International Law Commission 2023-2027, after obtaining 159 votes in the elections held in November 2021 at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Egypt’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Osama Abdel Khaleq said the Egyptian candidate represents Africa and his victory came after a very competitive election, confirming Egypt’s position in the international community and highlights the distinction of Egyptian executives capable of contributing in more than one area.

He added that Egypt, as one of the founding countries of the United Nations, is always keen to contribute to the strengthening of the principle of the rule of law at the international level, which is supported by the presence of a school Egyptian legal well established, academically, judicially and doctrinally.

The permanent delegate stressed that the past few weeks have witnessed intense efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egyptian embassies abroad and the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York to obtain the votes necessary for victory. from the Egyptian candidate, adding that this represents a further addition to Egypt’s distinguished diplomatic balance at the international level.

The International Law Commission comprises 34 experts with academic and practical experience and distinguished qualifications in the field of international law.

Egypt’s candidacy for membership of the committee is part of Egypt’s encouragement to continuously contribute to international efforts to codify and develop international law, an issue to which Egypt has always attached great importance. great importance through active participation in the work of the International Law Commission with more than one member since its creation in 1947.