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India News | The Ministry of Justice notifies the resignation of Judge Ganediwala

New Delhi, March 14 (PTI) The government on Monday notified the resignation of Judge Pushpa Ganediwala, who faced a series of judgments deemed controversial over the interpretation of what constitutes “sexual assault” under the protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act.

The Bombay High Court judge tendered her resignation on February 11.

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Ganediwala, while delivering one of his judgments in a 2021 child sexual abuse case, observed that there should be “skin-to-skin contact with sexual intent” to qualify as sexual assault .

“Smt. Justice Pushpa Virendra Ganediwala has tendered her resignation from the post of Additional Judge of the Bombay High Court, pursuant to clause (a) of clause (1) of Section 217 of the Constitution, with effect from 11 February 2022,” the Justice Department’s Justice Department said in a notification.

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Justice Ganediwala had tendered her resignation a day before the end of her term as an additional judge, as she had neither been extended nor elevated to the post of permanent judge by the Supreme Court panel.

Following her judgments in January and February 2021, the Supreme Court panel withdrew its recommendation to appoint Justice Ganediwala as a permanent judge and instead extended her term as an additional judge for one year. The term was due to end on February 12.

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