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Justice Department demands response from ASG as lawyers accuse it of HC corruption

After a joint complaint was filed with the signatures of several lawyers appearing in the High Court of Orissa, highlighting several serious corruption allegations against ASG Prasanna Kumar Parhi, the Union Law Department has taken cognizance of the complaints and asked the ASG to respond within seven working days.

“Send your comments within seven days”: Ministry of Justice to ASG Prasanna Kumar Parhi

In its notice to the ASG, the Department of Justice said: “You are requested to send your comments against the allegations made in this department within seven days of receipt of this communication.”

In December 2021, several lawyers had signed a letter which stated: “ASGI is involved in corrupt practices and does not allow the CGC to handle cases independently, with the sole intention of seizing the amount of the bill and get rich, which violates the guidelines for equal distribution of business among panel boards as stipulated by the Department of Law and Justice, nor does it distribute business to senior panel boards in the High Court It is revealed that he threatens and misbehaves with the CGCs.

The letter further stated: “Treat this letter as most urgent and take immediate action to dismiss Mr. Prasanna Kumar Parhi, ASGI from Orissa High Court and a new order can be issued to all departments not to publish his bills as long as they are not examined and recover all the bill which he illegally raised and payment was made because he violated the guidelines and illegally took bills from the government of India being the first officer of justice of the state. Awaiting your judicious decision and action to save the image of government.”

Image: ANI