Law ministry

Justice Department proposes another six-month extension to Khaleda’s suspended sentence

Justice Minister Anisul Huq said on Wednesday they suggested keeping the terms of the suspended sentence unchanged.

Documents used by Khaleda in his appeal for the extension have been returned to the Interior Ministry.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said the documents only reached the Home Ministry on Wednesday afternoon.

Officials said a final decision on Khaleda’s appeal is unlikely to be made until the next working day on Sunday.

The rules require the Justice Ministry to forward its opinion to the Interior Ministry, which will then send it to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for final approval.

However, the Interior Ministry will likely have the final say on the matter, according to Anisul. “I don’t think he [the application] will reach the prime minister. This is because the notice we gave last time was not sent to the Prime Minister.

This is the fifth time that a request for a suspension of Khaleda’s sentence has been filed. In September last year, the government decided to extend the suspension of his sentence by six months, allowing him to remain out of prison until March 24.

Khaleda had been imprisoned after being convicted in a case registered by the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2018. In March 2020, she was released on condition that the 76-year-old not leave the country and undergo treatment at his home in Dhaka.

The BNP chairman has faced numerous health issues since then. On February 1 this year, Khaleda returned to her residence in Gulshan after an 81-day stay at Evercare Hospital. She suffers from diabetes, arthritis, liver disease and other health issues.

On November 13, she received treatment in the hospital’s intensive care unit for liver cirrhosis.

Khaleda’s family repeatedly requested to take her abroad for treatment. But the authorities have each time rejected their requests, citing the conditions of his release from prison.