Law commission

Khattar government sets up law commission to review existing laws and craft new ones: The Tribune India

Pradeep Sharma

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, May 27

The BJP-JJP government has set up the Haryana State Laws Commission, an institutional mechanism for reviewing and amending existing laws and enacting new legislation to deliver speedy and efficient justice for the general public.

Headed by a Chairman, who will be either a Chief Justice/High Court Justice, the commission will have two full-time members. One of the members shall be a serving or retired District and Sessions/Additional Sessions Judge and the other an attorney with at least 15 years of legal practice. The mandate of the commission will be for three years.

Mandate of the Commission

* Study all existing state laws to determine their conformity with the socio-economic conditions of society.

* Examine statutory and non-statutory rules, particularly under Section 309 of the Constitution, and state rules. And to bring them into compliance with SC, high court orders.

*Carry out a post-audit of socio-economic legislation for the poor.

*Recommendation of new legislation taking into account the change in socio-economic scenario.

Outlining the commission’s mandate, a notification from Chief Secretary Vijai Vardhan said it would “review all significant laws of the state to recommend their modification and revision to bring them into line with the new socio-economic conditions of the society”.

It would also review the existing statutory and non-statutory rules, particularly the service rules enacted under Section 309 of the Indian Constitution and recommend their revision to bring them in line with various Supreme Court and High Court rulings. In addition, departmental service legislation would be reviewed in detail.

The commission will also carry out a post-audit of various socio-economic legislation for the poor. A thorough review of the judicial administration to ensure that it meets the reasonable demands of the time and to eliminate various technicalities of delays in justice will also be within the purview of the commission.

The commission will ensure that the laws in force are in conformity with the Constitution of India.

The commission will recommend the removal of anomalies and ambiguities in existing laws brought to light by conflicting decisions of the Supreme Court and various high courts in addition to recommending the removal of obsolete laws.

Furthermore, proposing ways and means to improve the administration of justice would fall within its competence.

Recommending new legislation taking into account social, economic and financial changes in society would also be among its tasks.

The notification stated that the commission would forward its recommendations to the state government for submission to the Haryana Assembly for adoption.