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Lawmakers and lawyers go behind closed doors to discuss Cuomo impeachment inquiry


ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The committee of lawmakers investigating the existence of grounds for impeachment of Governor Cuomo is meeting with lawyers to discuss next steps.

With no indication that the governor will resign as a result of the inquiry, the potential for impeachment looms. Cuomo’s legal team has until Friday to submit additional evidence in his defense to lawmakers in the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Before rising for a closed-door session on Monday, Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Lavine praised Attorney General Letitia James for his work investigating allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Cuomo and his agreement to provide relevant documents for committee review.

“The results,” Lavine said, “the contents of the report, are deeply disturbing.”

Lavine said the panel of assembly members would eventually openly discuss the evidence from the investigation, but that at this time, that information will not be made public.

“This confidentiality is essential to protect witnesses who come forward against reprisals of any kind,” Lavine said.

In addition to the sexual harassment allegations, the committee’s months-long investigation includes allegations that the governor used state resources for his $ 5 million book contract, misled the public about COVID- 19 in nursing homes and whether the governor illegally used his office to provide his family members with special access to rare coronavirus tests.

Lavine and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie will hold a media availability at the end of the Judiciary Committee meeting on Monday in the Assembly Lounge.

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