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Local law enforcement steps in to help injured bald eagle | Local News


Lamb said for some reason the bird must have decided it was time to leave or take a break and a vehicle picked it up. He said when help arrived, the bald eagle was acting out of instinct to protect itself.

“At this point you have to put yourself in the eagle’s shoes,” Lamb said. “Here he is, he’s injured, he’s lying on the side of the road or anywhere and, of course, cars are screaming.

“It’s pretty exciting for him and then he sees us as a predator, even though he’s a predator himself. He sees us as a threat so he starts to get restless and wants to defend himself and run away because that he doesn’t want to be around us. Of course, we’re not trying to do anything wrong. We are trying to help him but he doesn’t understand that.

Lamb said he recommends anyone seeing an animal, such as a bald eagle, in distress to contact local law enforcement or the Missouri Conservation for help.

“It was just a concerned citizen who pulled over by the side of the road and contacted the sheriff’s department, which in turn contacted me, the appropriate agency,” Lamb said. “If people see this stuff on the side of the road, they absolutely have to call.

“They don’t necessarily need to stop or try to protect themselves and never put themselves in danger. It is always encouraged to call us. Sometimes we can save them, other times we can’t. can’t, but we’re trying to give them every chance and every opportunity we can. ”

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