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Mo Brooks Co-Sponsors Tuberville’s Empowering Law Enforcement Act


Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, has announced that he is co-sponsoring the House version of the Empowering Law Enforcement Act by U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville.

“I co-sponsor the Empowering Law Enforcement Act, the companion of the House bill recently introduced by Senator Tommy Tuberville,” Brooks said. “It would give states and local law enforcement more power to investigate illegal aliens, prolong the detention of state-detained criminal aliens, reimburse national and local law enforcement for costs related to the crime. incarceration of illegal aliens and would increase the training of national and local law enforcement agencies. in the enforcement of US immigration laws. Thanks for leading this, Coach! ”

In May, Tuberville was joined by Sens. Thom Tillis, R-North Carolina, and Mike Rounds, R-South Dakota, introduced the Empowering Law Enforcement Act, legislation to fight the Biden administration’s overturning of US immigration laws.

The Empowering Law Enforcement Act will give local and state immigration law enforcement powers to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, detain or transfer a migrant who has entered the United States illegally.

In addition, the legislation would provide the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security with flexibility over the length of detention of a foreign criminal, extending the period to 180 days to ensure that violent criminals are not released into communities.

“If the Biden administration insists on removing the ICE’s ability to enforce our immigration laws, we must ensure that our national and local law enforcement agencies have the power to respond to the influx of migrants illegal in our communities, ”Tuberville said. “The Empowering Law Enforcement Act takes a two-fold approach to filling the intentional enforcement vacuum created by President Biden’s open border policies: first, by giving state and local officials the ability to enforce the laws. on immigration when federal offices are prohibited; and second, by extending the period of detention of dangerous criminal aliens while their removal is being processed. The Biden administration has failed our law enforcement agencies to the detriment of American communities, and this bill will fix that in the future. ”

The Tuberville office said the legislation would amend the immigration and nationality law to:

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  • Delegate immigration enforcement authority to national and local law enforcement entities, including the ability to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, detain or transfer an alien in federal custody.
  • Authorize the Secretary of Homeland Security to extend the detention of criminal aliens until they are deported from the United States
  • Ensure that illegal migrants are detained in federal detention at the request of national or local law enforcement agencies.
  • Reimburse state or local authorities for related incarceration and transportation costs.
  • Promote the sharing of immigration information between DHS and FBI for the benefit of national and local law enforcement.

“If Joe Biden was serious about eliminating COVID-19, he would stop the tsunamis of illegal aliens that are pouring into America through our southern border,” Brooks said. “Instead, Biden and his Open Borders comrades hung a welcome sign. As a result, the pandemic drags on and Americans continue to suffer. Close the border NOW!

Brooks is in his sixth term representing the 5th Congressional District of Alabama,

Brooks is a candidate to join Tuberville in the United States Senate, where Senator Richard Shelby is retiring. Former Business Council of Alabama President and CEO Katie Boyd Britt, businesswoman Jessica Fair Taylor and former Slovenian Ambassador Lynda Blanchard are also in the Republican primary on May 24, 2022. The former Brighton Mayor Brandaun Dean is running for the Senate as Democrat.

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