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Parliamentary proceedings | High Court appointments ongoing, advises Rajya Sabha Law Ministry

45 of the 80 names recommended by the appointed college, says the minister of law.

Over the past year, the College of the Supreme Court has recommended the appointment of 80 names as judges of various high courts, of which 45 have been appointed judges and the rest are in various stages of processing, the Ministry of Justice informed. Law to Rajya Sabha. Thursday.

Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju, in a written response, said that between July 1, 2020 and July 15, 2021, the Supreme Court College made 80 recommendations for the appointment of judges. He said that while 45 ‘recommended’ have been appointed to various High Court judges, the ‘remaining proposals are at various stages of processing with the government and the SC Collegium’.

The Minister underlined that the filling of vacant posts in the higher magistracy is a continuous, integrated and collaborative process between the executive and the judiciary, requiring the consultation and approval of the constitutional authorities at the state level as well as at the central level.

“Therefore, the time required to fill the vacant posts of senior judges cannot be stated. Although every effort is made to promptly fill existing vacancies, vacancies for judges in high courts continue to occur due to the retirement, resignation or elevation of judges and also due to the ‘increase in the number of judges,’ observed Mr Rijiju.

The total sanctioned number of judges in the 25 high courts is 1,098, but the number is only 645, a shortfall of 453 judges.

According to a table shared by the Justice Department with Mr Rijiju’s written response, out of the 10 recommendations made by the Supreme Court College to the Madras High Court over the past year, the same number of appointments has been notified by the government.

On the other hand, eight names were recommended by the Collegium for the High Court of Calcutta but no appointments were notified during this one-year period.

For the Allahabad HC, the Collegium recommended 11 names out of which seven nominations were notified. Also in Delhi HC, of ​​the Collegium’s six recommendations, so far only two appointments have been notified.