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PM Imran prefers AGP to justice ministry


Prime Minister Imran Khan has entrusted the task of introducing legal reforms on crucial issues to Pakistan’s Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan, instead of seeking advice from the Ministry of Justice.

The AGP called the Prime Minister on Thursday and briefed him on ongoing reforms in the justice system and the Water Commission report.

The prime minister holds back-to-back meetings with the AGP, soliciting inputs for amendments to the NAB and election laws.

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The senior lawyer will also work on the Gilgit-Baltistan Legal Status Bill.

Sources said L’Express Tribune that the AGP had already held a meeting with the Commissioner General of Elections on electoral reforms.

The prime minister also asked the parliamentary committee on legal reforms to approve every opinion given by the AGP on any issue.

A cabinet member said L’Express Tribune that the Prime Minister was not satisfied with the performance of the Department of the Law on Legal Reforms.

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He had therefore entrusted legislative work to the AGP, whose primary mission was to deal with disputes.

He said the main manifesto of the PTI was legal and judicial reforms.

“The government ends its three years on August 18, but it has nothing significant to show on judicial reforms,” ​​he added.

The cabinet member also said that 57 ordinances had been promulgated in the three years and no effort had been made to enforce the legislation by parliament.

“The majority of officials accuse the Ministry of Justice of failing to take swift action on judicial reforms over the past three years. “

The Ministry of Justice only worked on the initiative of inheritance certificates.

Under the Letters of Administration and Certificates of Inheritance Act, legal heirs can receive certificates from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) within 15 days without going to court. .

The Prime Minister agrees in principle that no new ordinances should be enacted on critical issues.

Previously, several ministers complained about the delay taken by the Ministry of Justice in the clearance of cases.

Many government departments have contacted the AGP office directly for legal advice.

According to a statement released after the meeting, the prime minister told the AGP that “ensuring easy and swift justice for the common man is the top priority of the current government.”

The prime minister also said the government remains firmly committed to providing all possible support and resources to judges to make the justice system more efficient.

He also praised Judge Shahid Karim’s efforts on the Water Commission report.

“The issue of water is essential. The special interest and efforts of Judge Shahid Karim in this matter of national importance are indeed laudable.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the efforts of the team led by Judge (ret’d) Ali Akbar Qureshi in compiling the Water Commission report.