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Powerful bludgeoning of Trump’s MAGA hack lawyers | Open


The character of Shakespeare in “Henry IV” who said “Let’s kill all the lawyers” was clearly a bit of an exaggeration. It is much more human to single out MAGA’s “lawyers” and to humiliate them down to an inch.

What happened in Federal Court on Wednesday was almost enough to rekindle faith in the system. Thank goodness the judiciary is always a place where facts count and liars who facilitate fascism are trampled on. Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer‘s license has been suspended, as you may know, but he’s not the only one in trouble.

Check out this sour information from U.S. District Judge Linda Parker, who was very upset that Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and eight other Trump hacks claimed in court without any evidence that Joe Biden’s Michigan victory was tainted (non-existent) electoral fraud:

The Trumpists acted in “bad faith and for an improper purpose.” … Once it emerged that their favorite political candidate’s grip on the presidency was waning, (they) helped shape the pre-determined narrative of voter fraud by initiating this evidence-based federal prosecution. they actively refused to investigate or question with the required level of professionalism. skepticism. … (Their) politically motivated accusations, allegations and maneuvers can be protected by the First Amendment when they are posted on Twitter, shared on Instagram, or repeated on television. The nation’s courts, however, are reserved to hear legitimate causes of action. “

Stay with me here. It’s even better :

“(A) ttorneys take an oath to defend and honor our legal system (…)) have scorned their oath, flouted the rules and attempted to undermine the integrity of justice along the way. “

Punishments? Did she say anything about the sanctions?

“Sanctions are needed to deter the filing of future frivolous lawsuits designed primarily to spread the narrative that our electoral processes are rigged and our democratic institutions are untrustworthy. “

So ok. Say it!

“The conduct of (Powell, et al.), Which also constituted violations of Michigan professional conduct rules, calls into question their fitness to practice law. This warrants a referral for investigation and possible suspension or expulsion to the appropriate disciplinary authority for each state bar and federal court in which each lawyer is admitted.

How sweet. And that’s not all. MAGA’s “legal” team was ordered to financially reimburse the State of Michigan and the city of Detroit for the resources they were forced to spend on their own defense. Because the judge said that if the MAGA team were not ordered to repay, they “will not be dissuaded from continuing to abuse the legal system to publicize their story” on the electoral fraud (non-existent).

And there is another sanction. This one is priceless. Powell and his comrades have been ordered to complete at least 12 hours of “continuing legal education” – a sort of law school refresher, to familiarize them with the realities of election law and the proper filing of lawsuits. . Because apparently they didn’t know the legal rules prohibit lawyers from cluttering the courts with frivolous and unfounded bullshit.

The federal decision in Michigan is part of a larger promotion model. We should feel good about it. MAGA hackers are called to account here and there for their destructive attempts to use the courts to undermine democracy.

Earlier this month in Colorado, a federal judge ordered two Trumpists to pay legal fees for all the people and businesses they sued in a bogus voter fraud case. The judge wrote, “It wasn’t a slip up at the local grocery store. Although disorganized and fanciful, the allegations (of the two lawyers)… are the material at the origin of the violent insurgencies.

Also this month, another federal judge (someone appointed by Trump, no less) ruled that Dominion Voting Systems – which is suing Powell and Rudy Giuliani (plus the pillow guy) for libel – can indeed proceed. Quoting Powell, the judge said “there is no general immunity” for lying in court, for making “verifiable false” statements about the voting company. Indeed, said the judge, “this is not a close call.”

Powell and his fellow conspirators have also been the subject of a Wisconsin sanctions request, Arizona ethics complaint, Lin Wood faces Georgia State Bar investigation that could result in deregistration , and a judge in Washington, DC, recently ordered another Trump’s lawyer before a disciplinary committee.

The legal principle is easy to understand, or it certainly should be: if you go to court with allegations, you have to back them up. It is not enough to pretend that “people say”. It’s snake oil for MAGA rally suction cups, nothing more.

Of course, we don’t know if these legal attacks will deter future Powells from lying for equally malicious reasons. But it’s heartwarming to know that judges and bar associations are reminding practitioners that a law license does not grant its owner the prerogative to use the courts to concoct bogus conspiracies that jeopardize our way of doing things. democratic life.

Dick Polman, Philadelphia-based veteran national political columnist and writer-in-residence at the University of Pennsylvania, writes on DickPolman.net. Email him at [email protected]

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