Law commission

Scottish Law Commission details progress made in 2021

The Scottish Law Commission Annual report 2021 has been published.

The report describes the progress of the commission’s law reform work in 2021. It explains the progress made in implementing the commission’s recommendations, describes the commission’s work to promote law reform and contains an overview of the publications planned for 2022.

Commission chair Lady Paton said: “2021 has proven to be a year of tremendous achievement for the commission, despite the pandemic. The publications included two discussion papers, one on the mental element in homicide and the other on hereditary securities (default and post-default); a bill on the aspects of leases – the Leases (Automatic Continuation etc) Bill (Scotland) – has also been issued for consultation.

“Although heavily reliant on electronic communication and virtual meetings, the commission has maintained effective working relationships with Scottish Ministers; MSP and deputies; legal commissions of other jurisdictions; universities and academic staff; professionals and support groups; and many more.

“Looking ahead, 2022 is the final year of our tenth law reform program. Some of our ongoing projects are expected to continue in the Eleventh Programme: for example, homicides, hereditary titles, aspects of family law and mandatory homeowners associations for building owners (a welcome recent reference from the government Scottish). The commission intends to consult and invite suggestions for new projects in the eleventh programme.

Last year was the fourth year of the commission’s tenth law reform program 2018-2022. The program includes a wide range of work: on family law; on the law of homicide; on surrogacy; on automated vehicles; on land security; on tenancy law; and damages for bodily injury. Further details can be found in the report.