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‘Short the Squirrel’ Partners with Mobile County Attorney’s Office to Support Youth Literacy at Courthouse


MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office has partnered with a nonprofit, Short the Squirrel, to promote literacy and help children overcome any fear of going to court.

Short the Squirrel, the association’s mascot, was in Government Square on Tuesday morning to shoot a video that officers can use to show children what the process will look like in court.

In addition, Short the Squirrel activity books are available for children in the courtroom to keep them entertained. The non-profit organization has also expanded to schools and hospitals to promote literacy among more children.

It was started by two educators in Alabama with a mission to deliver literacy-rich, community-focused, and enjoyable content to younger citizens.

Monica Anderson Young, one of the founders, says this program is particularly beneficial in court for children in this situation.

“Frankly, there are a lot of bad decisions that get people to this place. Better critical thinking skills and a more solid reading can prevent some of the sadness coming through the door here, ”said Anderson Young.

Short the Squirrel was approved by Governor Kay Ivey, who signed the Alabama Literacy Act in 2020.

Click on here for more information on Short the Squirrel.

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