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Global Vantage: Law Commission Announces Review of Arbitration Act 1996 – What Can We Expect?

The Law Commission has announced that it will carry out a review of the Arbitration Act 1996 (the “Act“), the main legislation governing arbitrations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (the “Review”). The review, which will aim to publish a consultation paper later this year, is responsible for ensuring that the law is as “clear, […]

Law commission

Law Commission finds English law supports smart contracts

Businesses can take comfort that smart contract technology can create legally binding agreements, but should be aware of remaining areas of uncertainty Towards the end of 2021, the Law Commission published a report entitled “Smart legal contracts: advisor to Government”. He concluded that the law of England and Wales can facilitate and support smart legal […]

Law commission

Law Commission advice on legal smart contracts: Can the laws of England and Wales cope with this emerging technology?

As the Law Commission said, smart legal contracts are set to revolutionize the way business is conducted. In light of this potential paradigm shift, the Law Commission has been asked to consider whether the existing legal framework in England and Wales can support the use of smart legal contracts and whether there are any uncertainties […]

Law commission

Summary of advice from the Law in Government Commission on smart legal contracts

SMART CONTRACTS The Right to Government Commission’s opinion (November 2021) builds on the findings of the Legal Statement on Crypto-Assets and Smart Contracts (November 2019) issued by the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce. In summary, the current UK legal framework already facilitates and supports the use of smart legal contracts (defined as “legally binding contracts in which […]

Law commission

Advocate General for Wales welcomes Law Commission’s recommendations for court reform

//= do_shortcode(‘[in-content-square]’) ?> Mick Antoniw MS. General Counsel & Minister of the Constitution The Advocate General for Wales said the Welsh Government “strongly supports” the Law Commission’s recommendations for an overhaul of the courts system in Wales. Mick Antoniw, MS of Pontypridd and Minister for the Constitution, welcomed the “basic principles of recommendations” submitted by […]

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The Law Commission recommends a unified court system in Wales

A new unified court system is set to be introduced in Wales to replace the current fragmented courts, the Law Commission announced today [9 December 2021]. A tribunal is a body set up to settle disputes, usually arising from decisions of public bodies. They bring justice to some of the most vulnerable people in society. […]

Law commission

Arbitration Law Under the Law Commission’s Microscope | News

The 25-year-old Arbitration Act may need reform in the face of competition from foreign jurisdictions, the Law Commission said today, announcing a review of the main legislation governing arbitrations in England, the Land of Wales and Northern Ireland. The review “aims to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront” of the international dispute resolution […]

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Can I declare bankruptcy if a collection agency sues me?

This article was first published in The Gazetteand the original article can be found online here. It is important to consider all of your options before opting for bankruptcy. David Pomeroy and Rachel Maddocks of Ashfords explain. The simple answer to this question is yes, provided you meet the legal requirements. Since April 6, 2016, […]