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The EC asks again for the response of the Ministry of Justice to the proposed amendment to the RPO

The Electoral Commission has sent a further letter to the Ministry of Justice asking about the status of their proposal to amend certain provisions of the Representation of the People Ordinance (RPO).

Previously, the EC sent a proposal to the Ministry of Justice to modify certain provisions of the RPO on August 8, but the ministry did not respond to it even after two months. The EC also sent a letter asking for progress in this regard on September 28, to which the ministry also did not respond.

Therefore, they sent a letter to the ministry for the second time, the EC said in a press release yesterday.

In the meantime, a draft has been prepared and sent to the Ministry of Justice to make some changes to the rules regarding EVMs in the RPO.

Election commission officials said presidents sometimes have to activate EVMs with their own fingerprints when voters can’t access them with their own fingerprints.

Currently, the rules of conduct for parliamentary elections include a provision that allows presidents to open EVMs with their fingerprints, but this is not included in the OPR. So the EC wants to add it to the main law, officials said.

EC embarrassed by heckling raised by DCs, SPs

The EC was embarrassed by the rowdiness raised by Deputy Commissioners (DC) and Superintendents of Police (SP) during a meeting, Election Commissioner Rashida Sultana told reporters at Nirbachan Bhaban yesterday.

The Electoral Commission held a meeting with 61 DCs and SPs across the country in Dhaka last Saturday to assess the situation regarding the 12th national elections and the by-elections of zila parishad and Gaibandha. There was a row when Election Commissioner Md Anisur Rahman raised allegations of biased behavior against administration officials in the polls. Faced with objections from the DCs and SPs, he cut off his speech.

Rashida Sultana said, “It was not right for them to create an uproar. I feel a bit bad. We are definitely embarrassed because we couldn’t even imagine such a situation would happen. not too disturbed by what happened.”

She said: “I think they didn’t like the way the issue was presented. The topics that suddenly created a heated situation weren’t very wrong. It’s not that those things didn’t do not exist in our society.

“Reacting to an isolated issue does not mean that they will waive their overall responsibility. They have said that they will act in accordance with EC directives. I do not think they will not cooperate with us for isolated incidents.”

No possibility of misunderstanding with DCs, SPs: EC Alamgir

Elections Commissioner Md Alamgir said there was no room for animosity towards Deputy Commissioners (DCs) and Superintendents of Police (SPs) in the line of duty during the election. ‘an election.

“We are all employees of the republic. There is no chance of deterioration of relations between us. There is no room for misunderstanding,” the electoral commissioner told reporters at his office on Monday when asked. on the heckling around Election Commissioner Md Anisur Rahman. comment.

He said, “It’s a subtle thing. Our chat ended successfully. They listened to our discussion and promised to follow it.

“Those who fail to fulfill their duties will be relieved of their responsibilities. If I cannot perform my appointed role on the commission, someone else will come to do so.”