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The mandate of ex-VC Faizan Mustafa of NALSAR under the scanner. The Ministry of Justice intervenes – Edexlive

NALSAR | (Photo: Express)

Telangana High Court Chief Justice Ujjal Bhuyan has been instructed by the Union Law Ministry to initiate an investigation into the alleged discrepancies by Professor Faizan Mustafa, former Vice Chancellor of the National Academy studies and legal research (NALSAR).

Justice Bhuyan is the Chancellor of NALSAR and as instructed by the Union Law Ministry, he is expected to take action against Professor Mustafa. Among his duties as Chancellor, Justice Bhuyan is empowered to inspect matters related to the administration and finances of the university.

The plaintiff against Prof. Mustafa was Attorney B Mallesh Yadav, who alleged that during Prof. Mustafa’s long tenure as VC, there had been instances of abuse of power and unlawful appointments of ineligible persons to key positions.

The Union Justice Department has written to the Telangana High Court Chief Justice to open an investigation into the former VC’s alleged discrepancies. Accordingly, Bhuyan will soon take appropriate action. Barrister Yadav’s representation was submitted to the Telangana High Court and complaints from others were also attached to the representation.

“There is no transparency in his functioning as Vice-Chancellor of Nalsar University, especially in the appointment of faculties which were made in flagrant violation of the rules and procedure of the law,” said the representation, according to a report by the New Indian Express. . It was also alleged that the university was reluctant to provide the information when filing RTI’s application.