Law ministry

The sports policy will be sent to the Ministry of Law for verification

ISLAMABAD: The proposed national sports policy for 2021 will be approved by the Ministry of Justice in order to avoid any legal implications after implementation.

During a high-level meeting on Friday evening, Prime Minister Imran Khan was briefed on the plans of the Ministry of Interprovincial Coordination to implement the new sports policy in order to achieve the desired results and bring the work of the federations sports and relevant departments under the direct control of the Ministry and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). The main features of the establishment of a government-backed electoral commission to organize the elections of federations and of a dispute settlement commission were also discussed.

The meeting attended by representatives of all provincial governments (minister or secretaries) aimed to inform the Prime Minister of the sports development plans as well as the plans of the ministry / PSB aimed at placing the functioning of all federations sports under direct government control. .

“In all likelihood, we will have to send the new 2021 sports policy proposal to the Ministry of Justice. To avoid any legal implications after its implementation, it is important that it obtains legal coverage, ”said a source who was aware of the meeting when contacted.

The hour-long meeting examined the functioning of the PSB which has practically become a white elephant these days.

“The recent appointment of DG PSB was also discussed with the PM keen to know what criteria was followed to appoint the new DG.”

The PM was also briefed on the main features of the new PSB constitution which was approved by the Cabinet Committee for the Elimination of Legislative Affairs.

The role of provincial governments in promoting sport following the devolution of powers in 2012 was discussed. The Prime Minister was also informed of the annual central and provincial sports budget.