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Union Justice Ministry calls on Delhi Police to take action

The Union Law and Justice Ministry has written to the Delhi Police to take action against unidentified persons for allegedly issuing fake appointment letters for jobs in the Delhi District Courts. Police said the appointment letters were issued in the name of the Ministry of Justice and several of these letters were found issued in the Delhi-NCR region.

A case has been registered by New Delhi District in the matter and a First Information Report (FIR) was filed last week by an additional secretary level officer at Tilak Marg Police Station.

In the FIR, the plaintiff alleged that the department received bogus appointment orders for “lower-level positions in the District and Subordinate Courts of Delhi”. The same orders were circulating on social media and the defendants forged orders on behalf of the Justice Department’s Justice Department. Officials said the issue was also raised earlier and they contacted Delhi Police in 2020 to help them with the bogus rendezvous orders.

“In the present case, a fake appointment letter was received via social media in which a Shri Vijender Singh was asked to deposit an amount of Rs. 13,760 (Rs. Thirteen thousand seven hundred and sixty) as money security, with the allure of a promise of employment at the Department of Justice, dumping a communication allegedly issued by Rohini Court Complex,” the FIR reads.

The Complainant alleged that the said order is fake as it is signed in the name of “Shailesh Ahuja, Section Officer” but no such man works in the ministry. “This is to inform that the alleged orders/communications are false and issued by a disbelieving fraudster with an ulterior motive… This is a serious matter. It is therefore requested that this matter be investigated by an officer superior and that this department be informed of the progress of the case,” reads the FIR.

An investigation into this revealed that the order had been sent from a post office in Tilak Nagar. Police registered a case under the headings of cheating and criminal conspiracy and said the matter was being investigated as emails/online messages regarding the letters were under review.