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UP Law Commission submits draft law on gram prahari

On Friday, the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission submitted the gram prahari bill to the state government and made a series of recommendations, including minimum qualification for their appointment, minimum age, essential physical condition, regular monthly remuneration and a separate law to deal with problems. related to gram prahari.

As for the gram praharis, the commission recommended that they immediately inform the officer in charge of the police station designated for their village or beaten of any significant activity or development in their respective villages. In addition, they must perform all the functions mentioned in section 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, the commission said.

Former Allahabad High Court Judge, Justice (Retired) AN Mittal, Chairman of Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission, has submitted a draft of “Uttar Pradesh Gram Prahari Bill, 2021” to the state government. “A draft Gram Prahari law along with a report on the matter has been submitted to the state government covering all aspects,” Justice Mittal said.

“The Law Commission made several recommendations to the state government. His functions (gram prahari) are very important. It plays a very crucial role for community involvement in the policing system,” he added.

Recommendations to State Government

*Minimum educational qualification, minimum age and physical condition essential for their appointment

* Adequate and regular monthly remuneration so that they can be able to provide better services

* Training program for gram praharis to familiarize them with the laws required to perform their daily duties and functions

* To provide social security to gram praharis, the state government should—

(a) Provide services to any of gram prahari’s dependents in the event of his death while in office

(b) Group insurance

* State government should not adopt kinship rule when appointing gram prahari

* The district magistrate should appoint a gram prahari officer

* In the event that two or more gram praharis are appointed in a village or group of villages or beat, one of them shall be designated chief gram prahari

*There should be a provision for the appointment of an alternate gram prahari

*He should not be liable to be transferred from one village or sector to another village or sector

*He should not be punished without giving him the opportunity to hear

*The appointing authority’s order should be subject to appeal before the commissioner

*All gram praharis appointed before the proposed legislation should be deemed to have been appointed in the proposed legislation

* Gram praharis should be declared official

Recommended functions for gram praharis

* They must give immediate information to the officer in charge of the designated police station for their village or beat on any significant activity or development in the village

*Keep the police informed of all disputes that could lead to a riot or brawl

* Fulfill all obligations mentioned in Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973


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