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UP Law Commission Submits Population Control Bill and Report to CM Adityanath – The New Indian Express


LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission has submitted the Population Control Bill to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and made a series of recommendations, including additional incentives for officials to enact the one-child standard and prohibit those who violate the two-child policy from challenging local agency polls.

The recommendations were made in the 19th Population Control, Stabilization and Welfare Report which, together with the Uttar Pradesh Population Control, Stabilization and Welfare Bill, 2021, was handed over by the Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission, Justice (retd) AN Mittal to the Prime Minister.

“The report was submitted yesterday (to the UP Chief Minister),” Mittal told PTI on Tuesday.

However, it remains unclear if the bill will be introduced in the current monsoon session of the state legislature.

Contacted by PTI, UP Minister of Legislation and Justice Brijesh Pathak declined to comment on the matter.

According to the salient features of the report, the Commission recommended that a specific card be issued to the person adopting the standard of two children or one child which should be a valid proof to obtain the incentives so that the beneficiary is not obliged from flee pillar to post to prove eligibility.

A specific law should be enacted regarding population control and stabilization in Uttar Pradesh, the report said, adding that the proposed legislation should have an overriding effect over other laws in the state.

It is also proposed that the subject of population control be included in the school curriculum so that proper education, as well as guidance, can be provided at school age.

The success of any policy depends on incentives and disincentives.

Therefore, to control the population, certain incentives to officials who adopt the two-child standard and additional incentives to those who adopt the one-child policy should be provided, according to the report.

Special benefits should be given to married couples with only one child in the form of a one-off lump sum as notified by the state government, he said.

There should also be a provision for the revocation of benefits and disincentives for those who do not meet the two-child standard.

There should be a provision prohibiting standing for local body elections for anyone who breaches the two child standard or has children beyond the two child standard and they will not be eligible to be chosen as, or to be a member of any elected office within a local authority or a public institution, according to the report.

In the bill, various incentives and disincentives and prohibitions are provided which may contravene certain laws in Uttar Pradesh.

Therefore, in the view of the Commission, the provisions of this bill should have a preponderant effect, according to the report, the decision of Uttar Pradesh, led by the BJP, to pass a law on the control of the population has revived the debate on the issue in the country.