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VHP sends recommendation to UP Law Commission to omit one-child policy from Population Control Bill: Read Details

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, in a letter dated July 12, recommended that the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission omit the one-child policy from the Uttar Pradesh Population Bill 2021 ( control, stabilization and well-being).

This comes shortly after the commission asked the public for suggestions and recommendations on the Law Commission’s draft. The letter begins by welcoming the government’s decision to take the right step towards population control, but highlighted several drawbacks of the one-child policy.

Letter details:

The letter began with a suggestion to reconsider the objective of reducing the total fertility rate (ISF) to 1.7 within a certain limit.

It is relevant that the total fertility rate is also defined as the replacement rate. According to reports, “If, on average, women give birth to 2.1 children and these children survive to age 15, any given woman will replace herself and her partner upon death.”

VHP Recommendation Letter on Population Control Bill

The VHP notes that the policy which aims for less than two children per woman would unbalance stability and have negative social and economic consequences.

To elaborate on its point, the VHP in the letter cited an example from China where it explained the contraction of the population and the disruption of the ratio between the working age and the dependent population in case the norm of the policy of l only child would be adopted.

VHP Recommendation Letter on Population Control Bill

“It is said that in China, the one-child policy has never been applied to more than half of the future parents. Within three decades, it had to be completely removed,” the letter reads.

The third likely impact of the one-child policy emphasized the community imbalance it could create. He gave an example of the growing disparity in Kerala and Assam where the TFR of Hindus fell below the replacement rate of 2.1. While the GCI of Muslims was 2.33 and 3.16 respectively, thus highlighting the contraction of one community and the expansion of the other.

VHP Recommendation Letter on Population Control Bill

At the end of the recommendation letter, the VHP highlighted the relevant clause of the bill that required reconsideration and adaptation.

UP Population Control Bill

The draft Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill 2021, was presented to the public last week. The proposed bill, if implemented into law, will provide benefits to those with only two children or less.

Some benefits are promised to civil servants who have only two children, then others are promised to those who have adopted the one-child standard. Benefits offered for those with two children include “two additional surcharges for the duration of the service” and “a discount on charges for utilities such as water, electricity, water, tax dwelling”. The bill also proposed “free health care and insurance coverage for the spouse.”

However, the bill promised additional benefits to officials who adopted the one-child policy.

The full list of benefits for a child

These benefits include free education until graduation, one-child preference at major educational institutions such as IIM and AIIMS, and government jobs.